Nos histoires sont importantes.

Joignez-vous à nous dans notre cueillette de 5 000 histoires!

Célébrez le 150e anniversaire du Canada et partagez vos histoires à props de ce que le Canada représente pour vous, à quoi ressemble l'avenir du Canada ou qu'est-ce que votre histoire signifie en tant que Canadien ou Canadienne.

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My Canada My Story campaign is thankful to the Government of Canada - Canadian Heritage department who provided the funding for this campaign as part of the Celebration & Commemoration Program – Canada 150 Fund.

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NorQuest College has partnered with 20 Canadian organizations to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday through stories! Dedicated to creating an inclusive Canada together we are highlighting the diverse perspectives of Canadian stories!

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Simply tell us what Canada means to you, what you envision for Canada’s future or what makes you proud to be Canadian. Write it down, send it in a video blog, or capture it in a photo.

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Browse our growing library of stories from Canadians across the country.

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Don’t forget to share your story with the rest of Canada. #MyCanadaMyStory

Don’t forget to share your stories!

The individual with the most shares by September 28, 2017 wins a two-night stay at a Fairmont Hotel located in Canada, graciously donated by My Canada My Story Partners: Vision Travel and Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Canada.

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The award is for two night stay at any Fairmont Hotels & Resorts in Canada subject to availability and blackout dates which vary per property. Valid until December 31, 2018. Incidentals are on own. Valid for accommodation only.

Histoires en vedette

Le 06 septembre 2017

Jodi Abbott's Story

I am second generation Canadian. My grandparents, on my father’s side, are Romanian and Ukrainian and my grandparents on my mother’s sid...

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Sharloth Ayala's Story

When I realized I had to come to Canada to start a new life it was 2 years ag...

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The Burkes'

My Canada My Story: The Burkes’
By, Christine Burke

The roots in...

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University of Ontario

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