Concordia University of Edmonton

Concordia University Edmonton (CUE) has played an important role in Alberta’s educational history since 1921. In 1987, Concordia University of Edmonton began awarding undergraduate degrees in the arts and sciences. Today, we offer over 45 majors and minors in the fields of Arts, Science, and Management, two after-degree programs, three Masters Degrees, and several graduate certificates and diplomas. Concordia University of Edmonton is a community of learning grounded in scholarship and academic freedom, preparing students to be independent thinkers, ethical leaders and citizens for the common good.

Throughout our history, we have been committed to providing a higher education grounded in a liberal arts tradition. We are a globally aware and responsible university, and focus on the needs of our learners and the community. We are a university with a strong sense of community and inclusion. Inclusive Post-Secondary Education is a service that gives students with developmental disabilities an opportunity to experience post-secondary education through participation in CUE’s courses, programs of study and campus life, enhancing the learning environment for all. Eligible students audit courses, enabling them to individualize their studies in order to achieve the most beneficial learning experience possible. An educational advisor works closely with students and faculty to adapt course requirements and set attainable goals. In addition to classes and participation in campus life, this year-round service assists students to meet their career goals through support in obtaining employment during the summer months. CUE ensures that the needs of every student are addressed, and with an average class size of 30 students we have the ability to offer students a more personal learning experience. CUE is constantly establishing cooperative relationships with universities and other institutions around the globe, where there is an exchange of ideas, students, and scholars. Mobility of students and faculty, joint research activities and publications, seminars and symposia, and exchange of academic materials are all a part of our internationalization. CUE, holding the ambition to become Western Canada’s Preeminent Small University, with all our dedicated staff, exceptional professors, brightest students from Canada and internationally, are committed to a diverse and inclusive Canada.

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