Abdul Abdi’s Story

by Abdul Abdi

Happy Canada Day to my Canadians,

I came to CANADA on May 11, 2011. That was my first day in English speaking country that I’ve ever been in my life. After so many advices from friends, I ended up going to Norquest Collage. I started Linc program in Sep, 2011; from basic English to high level. I was barely speaking English when I started school. Recently, I graduated from Nait and took the Power Engineering Tech.

My English is far from being perfect and, I make mistakes all the time. English is not even my 2nd language, it’s my 3rd language. However, I consider my self that I’m capable enough for holding conversation. 75-80% of my normal daily life I spend speaking English either at my work/ school. I believe that is one of the best way to practice English.

Advice to newcomers.
If you want to improve your English, go to Norquest where you can find professional instructors who can teach you high quality English in short term.


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