Angel’s Story

by Angel

My family and I immigrated from Hong Kong to Vancouver in 1994. We attended a pre-arrival information session in Hong Kong. They showed a video about the lives of Hong Kong immigrants in Canada and I learned about the culture e.g. family time and potluck. It stuck me when I heard the late BC premier Dr. David Lam said, “when you decide to immigrate to Canada, you need to burn the bridge, to integrate into the society and not to keep looking back the past successes.” I considered myself that I have overcome the hardships and language barrier and obtained two degrees from a renowned university. I am a registered social worker and help people who are in need. At a non profit multicultural organization, I assist new immigrants and refugees to settle and integrate into the society. I would never imagine that I had the opportunity to present about the government and community services to the newly landed immigrants in the IRCC office, downtown Vancouver.

Thank you, Canada for all the opportunities that were given to me. I trust that any immigrants has the potential to succeed in Canada.



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