Carolyn Green’s Story

by Carolyn Green

Ten years ago my family took an awesome and memorable trip across Canada. My son, daughter, and I, along with my Mom (when she found out about our plans, invited herself along!) took 4 weeks to travel from Alberta to Newfoundland. We didn’t plan anything, but explored and stopped at our whim. The sites, the communities, the people – AMAZING! As we headed east, with the landscape changing around every corner, we stopped at every ‘Welcome to our Province’ sign for the goofy family picture to commemorate the visit. We made it to Lans Aux Meadows and back all in one piece and still talking to each other!! Today my kids want to share our Cross Canada trip with their own new families and plan to take the same journey. One thing we noticed as we travelled from province to province, and community to community, was how truly friendly everyone was. We always hear, from outsiders, how friendly Canadians are; but as a Canadian travelling in Canada we were able to experience the ‘Canadian way’ first hand. I highly recommend to those who have not experienced the other provinces and communities in our country to take the time to enjoy and explore all that Canada has to offer. Truly remarkable!!



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