Faiza’s Story

by Faiza

I came to Canada in July, 2014 with my husband to secure our landed immigration status but we couldn’t stay for long because our adopted daughter wasn’t able to get her PR card. However, we didn’t give up and we hired a lawyer and filed a case to get my daughters immigration passed. Unfortunately, we didn’t succeed and continued our jobs back home in Pakistan. During my stay back home after this experience with immigration I was desperate to go back to Canada along with my family, because I had had hope that it was going to work out well for all of us. Again we hired another lawyer in 2015 and fortunately after a year, my daughter received her PR card.
We were excited and came to Canada for good in August 2016. Initially everything was attractive, the first snowfall, the mountains, natural beauty and above all everything works through a proper system. But after a while there were some cultural shocks also in term of jobs and trying to find ways to cover our day to day expenses. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and if you have strong faith and a positive approach, then you will move in the right.
I think this is a land of opportunity and if we strive, we will succeed. Me and my family are trying to find ways to improve and upgrade our skills each day. This country has an excellent support system to help the new immigrants. My profile is improving each day as I am gradually learning through my Corporate Readiness Training Program from Bow Valley College and I hope to achieve my goals soon and share my new journey with new fruitful memories in Canada. People all around the world are right in saying that we should make clones of this country it would make the world a better and more peaceful place. We are truly grateful to be a part of this country and contribute in a productive manner.


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