Jie Huang’s Story

by Jie huang

Monster mum is changing

I have been living in Canada for one and an half years now. I’m surprised that Canadian education makes children really happy. I was an editor of a newspaper in China. In my country, education is important and difficult for children. They study hard. So Chinese education makes children really tired. I was a monster mum in China. I wanted my son to get NO1 in his class. My son did a lot of homework every night. he said that he was so tired, he didn’t want to do lots of homework. I didn’t want to give him homework, but we have to do it. I wanted him to get NO1, I wanted him to go to good school. We were so tired when we were in China.

After we came to Canada, I found that children don’t do homework in Canada. My son went to school for one month, he told me that he was so happy at school in Canada. I didn’t know why the Canadian kids didn’t do homework. I asked my son’s teacher, she told me students do homework in class, so they don’t do homework at home, but they need to keep reading every night. I didn’t believe that was enough. I still give my son lots of homework, such as spelling Chinese, doing math every day. One day, my son told me he didn’t like to be at home, he likes school and teacher. I thought that I was the problem. I started to change my way for my son. I canceled his homework, he only needs to keep reading every night.
Last week, my son brought a letter to me. The letter was from his principal. The letter wrote that my son wrote creative and interesting stories, his stories was displayed in the school library. When I read the letter, I was so proud of my son. Suddenly I get it, Canadian education is great. My son said he can write good stories because he read more creative books. Now the monster mum is changing, I just spend time with my son reading every night. My son and I enjoy reading together every night. We are so happy in this new life.


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