Lillian Parker’s Story

by Lillian Parker

I was born and raised here but my parents were from Hong Kong, China. I always had a hard time when I was in school. English as a second language. 5 different dialects of Chinese. 2 were predominate, one of them was Cantonese. It was hard for me to get anything. I was always a goody two shoes till I became 15 yrs old. That is when everything happened. I was a West Edmonton Mall rat. I have tried about 7 different types of drugs. I became addicted to crystal meth for 11 yrs. I hung out at After Hours clubs such as G-Spot, Therapy, Climax, and Twilight. Later on., all of those clubs closed except Therapy closed and opened up as Y After Hours. The only after hour club there is in Edmonton right now. Where they were opened only on weekends and long weekends. Hours were 1am-8am. They were the underground scene to do whatever you want whether you want to smoke, drugs, drink, and commit crime. I finally found a place where I belonged. A place where I could smoke and no one would bug me. People who loved me, for me. I got the nickname, Devil. I dyed my hair at times and wore fire contacts. I looked the part.

I had spurts of years of doing meth and trying to stay clean. Now and then relapsing. I have never gone into rehab, detox or NA. I had a great support group meaning my friends and family. Really, it was my friends and bf. My family was never supportive in anything I did. I was homeless, went to jail, became pregnant and had an abortion. I got kicked out of school. When I was pregnant I was clean and had a supportive bf at the time. I couldn’t mother a child since that I was trying to graduate from grade 12. I ended up graduating from high school and then college. I got my office administration certificate from NorQuest at 2006.

I also started dancing at the age of 15 yrs old. My dancing style is pop n lock (beginning steps of break-dancing)/rave/street dancing. I loved to dance. But couldn’t dance when I was under the influence. It was hard to find a place to dance without the influence of drugs/alcohol so I went to anywhere to dance with the option of doing drugs/alcohol. Mostly didn’t after I became clean. I became the top female Chinese dealer in the Y Afterhours. It was easy money. I was popular. Everyone at the club wanted to be me or want me. I only drank energy drinks and smoked cigarettes and nothing more or less. I was like the only best female Chinese dancers in the club. When I was “working” selling drugs I was sober. I had the time of my life. I was happy. I had drugs, money, and men. I had it all. And yet, I was sad. I thought I was happy and I wasn’t. I was missing something.

I knew a lot of people/connections. Still do actually but am now sober and clean for 6 yrs on December 11, 2017. I quit everything such as cigarettes, going to the club/Y, and selling to be with my bf who is now my husband. I have an awesome step-daughter and 2 grandkids. I also am a Christian. Life is so amazing right now!

I never had anyone that believed in me. My past was tough and hard. My parents were never supportive and encouraging. School was hard and I didn’t think that I would be able to complete it. My instructors at NorQuest, Preetum and Rhonda were the best! They didn’t even know me and they believed in me. Preetum and Rhonda were always there for me no matter what. They were supportive, encouraging, and interesting. I value and appreciate them. I remember one day we were about to end school and Rhonda saw I was crying. I was crying because my dad never believed in me. Then she spoke life into me. I thank God for Preetum and Rhonda.

My first talk with Rhonda was in the beginning of school and she told me that I see you becoming a nurse, I was shocked. I’m like, no way, I can’t do that! But now, I’m like maybe… Canada means opportunity, family, friendship, love, wisdom, and experiences and so much more. Canada is awesome. I want to do something I love and I know that Canada can help me with that.


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