I have changed a lot in half a year in Canada. The most important thing is my thought. I am a Chinese. And I think China is a half-open country, this may have caused my idea to be dated and closed. But entering Canada has made important changes to my view of the world.
In the past 20 years. I think the woman must be slim. And has the big eyes with white skin and so on. That’s what beauty is all  about. When I first came to Canada, I was so surprised! Why some people were so fat and dared to wearing shorts? Why does a man so short or ugly and have such a beautiful girlfriend? Why does some people always wear short sleeves? Too many problems make me confused. But The most difficult things for me to accept is that Taiwan is a country.
Last month I have read a short article in class, which said  that Taiwan is a country. And I’m really shocked and sad. Since childhood, my teachers,my parents and everything everyone around me teach me that Taiwan is a part of China. That’s very hurt me. I think these words like to separation my country. After I finished class. I thought a lot. I search lots of information online and I have read many netizens writing online. Now, my idea has a big change. I can understand the native people of Taiwan now. They might be able to recognize our origin are the same in many years ago. We are the descendants of the dragon. But they was born in Taiwan, they was growing up in Taiwan. In fact, Taiwan has its own Army, Law and Government. They love their land as much as I love my land.
What can I do now is to understand what they are thinking, and to have my own positions at the same time. I feel much better now. I’m more comfortable that I can stand in other people’s eyes to understand different thinking. It’s the biggest change for me. I am beginning to appreciate the beauty that is different from the past: The brown skin looks so healthy; The little eyes are cute; Maybe the shorter ones are flexible; The girl in short skirt is so confident. I am not tall and not thin, I am not white and my eyes aren’t really big, but I no longer feel that I am inferior to others. And I’m not confined to the thin space. I’m really thankful for Canada  teach me this lesson.
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