Sharloth Ayala’s Story

by Sharloth Ayala

When I realized I had to come to Canada to start a new life it was 2 years ago. Everything started when I met my husband who, in spite of being Ecuadorian, had been living in Canada as a permanent resident for about 7 years. I did not know anything about Canada- just that it is very cold in the winter. I got married in 2015 and from there the long wait began. We started applying for my PR. My husband was my sponsor. We wanted to meet as soon as possible, therefore, we applied for a tourist visa, however, it was not approved. Meanwhile, I was studying English and researching about Canada. Nine months later (which was a surprise because according with the official immigration website and so many testimonials in blogs, the reply should be sent around 12 months after the application) Immigration Canada sent the email to us. It was such a wonderful day to remember! The countdown started! I give thanks to Canada for giving me legal status and benefits as any Canadian.
Just a few weeks later, in December 2016, I was flying to Calgary. A thousand things came to my mind. By then, I had researched about Canada, how to dress in the winter, how to avoid falling on the ice, and how to make a little conversation in English. When I arrived in Calgary, the official started asking me a lot of question but I did not understand anything! “Hello to the real world Shar!” I thought to myself. I checked out the weather app before I went outside… -18 degrees! Holy cow!

My first view outside the airport was stunning! That was my first time I saw the snow. Everywhere was WHITE! If my mom could see this beautiful place… (She loves the snow but has never seen it). The first months here I went to Banff and fell in love with that town. It is such a beautiful place! I went to downtown Calgary. I used the C-Train and I loved the transportation system. Did I get frozen walking the city? Yes, I did, but it was worth it. Definitely, thanks to Canada for giving me a beautiful place to live.
I took the English Benchmark test in order to start an English course. I did not do well. My benchmarks were under 3 of 8 points. What a shame! I did not know anything about English! I started looking for available English courses. Canada Immigration Services helped me a lot to find a good one. Shortly after, I was accepted at Bow Valley College. Those were three months of learning not only English but of Canada as well. They taught me the Canadian provinces, the National anthem and the figures most important in the History of Canada. Although I couldn’t attend the course anymore, they offered a course online and I took it. One of the best parts of this is that everything was free! I give thanks to Canada for giving me free English education!

Now, it was the moment to start job hunting. I had three interviews before I got the job. Can you imagine how that was? I had to deal with nerves and language. Although I did not speak English well, very soon I got a job at Tim Hortons. I am still working there and I have met so many good people. I give thanks to Canada for giving a job and for the nice people I have met!
I have traveled many stunning places in Alberta. We went to Vancouver and Victoria in April this year. Every time that I go to a new place I love Canada more. I passed by each season for the first time and each of them has its own charm. Of course the summer is my favourite (so predictable). I cannot explain with words what Canada means to me. I just feel I am at the right country at the right time. Do I miss my family and my native country? Yes, I do. I wish my family were here. I am going to do everything so this will come true.

Next year, I will start a Dental Assistant course at SAIT. In the next 150 years, I can see my future as a big deal. I see everything I want to get. I see myself traveling across Canada. I see myself doing the job I want to do. I see myself driving my own car and getting my own house. I see myself getting a new dog as part of my family. I see my children growing up in their country and having a loving family and a gorgeous life. I see so many good things in Canada.

Perhaps, I cannot explain in words how lucky I am living here but I can say something: I am proud to live in Canada!


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